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North Shore Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Located on the North Shore of Kaua'i Hawai'i, we grow and source the highest quality fair trade organic herbs for our products. 


Licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Dr. Flora Freeauf L.Ac DACM has been creating products for over a decade that help patients with many ailments. Graduating from a world-renowned 4-year master's program, at Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz California, Flora took her 9-year education home to Kaua'i where she practiced for six years. In 2019 while concurrently working in her Kilauea office, she traveled to San Francisco monthly studying advanced acupuncture and herbology at the esteemed American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Completing her doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Flora has a successful Chinese Medicine Practice on the North Shore specializing in Orthopedics and Rheumatology. She coupled her knowledge with her partner, a knowledgeable botanist Kasey Adams where they reside on the beautiful organic Hua Lani farm in the heart of Moloa'a valley.  They proudly use homegrown herbs and locally sourced ingredients when possible.  Quality has been a top priority in sourcing ingredients and the great length of time the tinctures cure. Making healing salves, tinctures, powders and cold pressed extracts have become a daily part of their lives. The products created here are provided to the local community, friends, family, and beyond.

The most common pattern noticed in the majority of her patients is stagnation due to lack of movement or an old injury, which causes pain. This, coupled with stress, leads to a variety of symptoms that can be assisted with help from the products listed on this website. The formulas offered here are the safest ones for the overall population, but it should be noted, each person is different and may require different herbs more specific to their condition; so read carefully and check with your Chinese Medical Practitioner or primary care doctor if you are in question.


It is our goal to create medicinal products that help change the world.  We strive to create functional medicine that will help our island community, nation and world thrive, to provide knowledge and organic medicine that assists in preventative healthcare. We believe sharing passed down ancient knowledge to our youth and to each other is the absolute best way to create a healthier future for humanity.  Each person's life we make a difference in is a huge accomplishment as that person creates an echo around them- we can only hope is positive with the amazing benefits these formulas carry. 




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What Are Tinctures?

Roots, bark, berries and leaves are infused in alcohol for a period of time extracting the active ingredients into an herbal concentrate. We take great pride in the long curing time of our tinctures.

What Is A Salve?

Herbs are infused at a certain temperature for a period of time in oil extracting the compounds. Essential oils are added at the end to obtain maximum potency.

Where Do We Source Our herbs?

Many of the herbs in our products are homegrown, wildcrafted, and locally sourced! When they are not grown on Kaua'i, they come from one of a few organic farms USA grown to high standards!