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Leaf Pattern Design


" I love qi balm! i use it on my shoulders, knees and ankles before bed. i rarely wake up with aches and pains - you know the pains of getting older!

Leaf Pattern Design


"I am a massage therapist. I have found all my clients with severe pain have great relief from using Qi balm. I have clients with level 10 pain, when I apply Qi balm their pain comes down to a 5 sometimes zero. The pain is so bad they have difficulty to sleep at night. When I apply Qi balm they can sleep. I've also seen it help with torn rotator discs out in spine, sprains and even from 4th stage cancer. The Qi balm is a miracle salve that truly helps with pain!"

Leaf Pattern Design


"I love all the products. I use Qi Balm in the clinic often and everyone loves it there too. 

I really benefit from the 7 Chakra for cramps, which is excellent."

Leaf Pattern Design


"Thank you so much for making it (Qi Balm) Flora. I love my new  GLOW oil and my Qi Balm so much. I used some after my race yesterday and it's been helping ease my soreness."

Leaf Pattern Design

Dr. Carrie

"The facial oil is a dream come true! I  LOVE it and would love to buy more!


The Qi Balm is also spectacular!"

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