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Top shelf nootropic herbs formula created and tested over the past two years by Dr. Flora Freeauf DACM. This formula specifically targets improving memory and cognitive function aiming to reduce prevalence of Alzheimer’s and dementia.


INGREDIENTS: Gota Kola, Ginko Biloba, Bikopa, Lions Mane, Gou Qi Zi, Honey Fried Licorice, Ni'oi Hawaiian Chili Pepper



- Improve Memory

- Increase Cognitive Function

- "Greatly benefits" people with Alzheimer’s and dementia: we don't like to say it “treats” this disease. However, there is a lot of research that supports the use of these herbs for degenerative mental conditions.

- Improves anxiety and stress under sleep deprovision.

- Has shown to decrease depression.

- Reduces swelling and improves circulation in those with severe varicose veins or vascular disease. It is often recommended patients who have ankle swelling take this for five days around flying, two days before, during and two days after the flight.

- Helps some cases of insomnia.

- Improves skin conditions and increases collegian. Some have found these herbs to be helpful in reducing stretch marks while improving a number of skin conditions. It is furthermore known to promote wound healing minimizing scarring.



While these herbs are the best in their categories, caution must be advised: Do not take this if you are on ANY medications including over the counter Ibuprofen without speaking to you PPC or pharmacist. One herb in this formula, Ginko Biloba is contraindicated with many pharmaceuticals.


Brain Drops

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