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Our luxerious face mask is made with the highest quality carefully picked ingredients to provide you with the smoothest skin. As with all of our skin care products, these ingredients are organic and sustaibly sourced. You know when you can read and pronounce all of the ingredients you are off to a good start. However with our products, we pair over a decade of clinial practice with a doctorate in Chinese herbal medicine to create the highest quality products!

This is the BEST face mask you will ever use!


Ingrediets: Hanalei honey, French clay, Silkworm peptides, Aloe, Pearl powder and Ylang ylang.

SILK Hanalei Face Mask

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  • 1) Apply a thin layer of the mask to clean skin. You can try a small test area if you are sensetive to skin care products or essential oils first. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.  

    2) Wash off with warm water.

    3) Dab into the face and neck two pumps of our facial toner (coming soon!) 

    4) Apply a few drops of GLOW face oil and massage in. Some people prefer to use the GLOW oil before washing their face as an oil cleanser instead- wiping off with a warm wash cloth.

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