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Enhanced Qi Bomb pain salve has been created for 15 years and is the best we can formulate! We reformulated and adjusted ingredients for years until we came up with the perfect product. Initially inspired by jiao, a Chinese linament infused in alcohol, this formula smells and feels much better then the original goal set. The results speak for themselves working quickly to relax muscles and treat pain related conditions. We are happy to finally feel comfortable about selling this CBD based formula to most people who live in states in which it is legal. Formulated with a blend of Chinese herbs, it synergistically works well with chosen western and Hawaiian herbs to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, reduce and sometimes eliminate pain conditions. It has shown to shrink and disperse nodules (cysts) as it moves the blood under the skin. We love to apply it to arthritic hands and feet for pain!


It is commonly used for:

Neck & Back pain


Shoulder injuries & rotator cuff injuries


Knee injuries and rehabilitation of joints


Tendon & Ligament sprains/strains


Fascia and connective tissue damage










What is the best GIFT? Qi balm is a popular gift for a friend or family member! We have set up a monthly subscription for you and your loved ones. You can cancel at any time but you will probably enjoy using it daily and if you have an extra, give the gift of pain relief to someone you care about!


Nourishing Hand Treatment


1) Soak hands in epsom salt hand bath with hot water nearing bed time

2) Immediately after, generously apply Qi Bomb on hands

3) Put on gloves of your choice and go to sleep

Your hands work hard for you everyday. Give them the reward of deep healing nourishment.


Love Your Feet Treatment


1) Soak feet in epsom salt foot bath with hot water nearing bedtime

2) Immediately after, generously apply Qi Bomb covering feet and ankles

3) Put on socks that will trap in the heat and go to bed

Your feet take you everywhere in life and they start to hurt when they are crying out for care. Love them and they will reward you with many pain free miles ahead.



$40 for a monthly supply! If you end up with an extra bottle over time, it makes the absolute BEST GIFT for a friend or loved one in pain! You can end it at anytime online or by contacting us. We are happy you love this product as much as we do. Mahalo for your support!



Aloha, all shipping is calculated on the weight of the product(s) you order. We do not charge for packing and handling time with extra fees.

- Wholesalers pay for their exact shipment weight- no extra fees.


Thanks for for your support and continued business!


*This product is not shipped to Nebraska, South Dakota, and internationally. Thank you for understanding. 

Qi "Chi" Bomb Muscle Salve + 2000mg CBD

PriceFrom $40.00
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly supply/Gift
$40.00every month until canceled
  • CBD, Arnica, Comfrey, Noni, Turmeric, Devils claw root, Menthol, Camphora, Boswellia along with a proprietary blend of 7 medicinal Chinese herbs

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