GLOW facial and body oil was created to provide hydration for beautiful skin in conjunction with protection from pathogens while traveling. It has been formulated and loved by many over the past 3-4 years before being released to the public.


This amazing blend of herbs did more then we initially planned. It hydrates and nourishes the skin while bringing out a beautiful glow and radiance. The base Chinese formula this comes from is for protecting one from getting sick. The herbs in this formula create a extra 'windshield' of types to help support your immune system.


When used as a facial beauty oil, we recommend dabbing in a few drops to your face before bed at night or generously over your body after a shower. For preventitive and skin maintence, we recommend using several drops generously with a guasha tool of your choice daily . Remember to always lift up and outward on the neck and face. The herbs have properties of lifting and gently moving, which have been shown to stimulate healthy collagen and elasticity.


Contraindications: Do not take this product with antidepressants, antipsychotics and parkensons medications. If in question, consult with your primary care professional.


Remember: The Only Way The Herbs Will Work, Is If YOU TAKE THEM DAILY


Statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

GLOW ~lux facial and body oil

  • All Organic: Huang Qi, Bai shao, Fang feng, Gan cao, Vanilla bean, Mo yao, Ru xiang, Chamomile, Calendula