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Same Great Product, New Labels!


This incredible aromatic salve is effective for healing small wounds and cuts that don't require stitches. All of the herbs are specifically used for regenerating tissue. It also benefits skin irritations such as some rashes, burns and bug bites. In addition, it is so delicious for the skin, it is used for facials and does not clog the pores. It is often used under the eyes to reduce puffiness and bring a natural lift if used before bed.



This is a 50ml jar, the same size as the Qi Balm.


Don't double dip! Use a fresh Q-Tip for each dip/application



Remember: The Only Way The Herbs Will Work, Is If YOU TAKE THEM DAILY



Statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.




Boo Boo Bomb ~ Skin Regenerative Salve

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  • Boo boo balm can stop bleeding if applied immediatly to a smaller very clean cut. For bigger cuts and scrapes that don't require stitches, stop bleeding by applying pressure for 1-2 minutes. Clean the affected cut with Hibiclens or soap of your choice removing all dirt, sand or potential bacteria. Apply a thin layer of Boo Boo Bomb and bandage. Remove bandage to allow area to get air when in clean environment such as at night and re-apply and cover during the day. *If the cut is already infected looking which may include redness, streaking of the skin or a discolored wound, seek immediate western care. If the wound is deep or requires stitches, seek immediate western care.

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