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100% Organic Moringa - 2 Oz Fine Powder

Grown here on Hua Lani Farm in Moloa'a, these small batch harvests are processed bi-weekly in a mannor which requires time great attention to attain the highest quality bright green finished product. We take great pride in our vibrant product which is a true labor of love- hand picked, air dried and carefully processed to perfection. 


Moringa leaf is one of the most versatile, high nutrient superfoods grown in Hawai'i. Containing 47 antioxidants, it holds an ORAC value of 157,000! With over 90 nutrients, this single herb contains all nine amino acids and is one quarter protein. 


Gram for gram it has:

- 3X more potassium then bananas

- 4X more calcium then milk

- 4X more vitamin A (beta carotine) then carrots

- 7X more vitamin C then oranges

- 9X more iron then spinach


Pubmed articles included below

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Bioactive Components in Moringa Oleifera Leaves Protect against Chronic Disease


Moringa Oleifera aqueous leaf extract down-regulates nuclear factor-kappaB and increases cytotoxic effect of chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer cells


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Prevalence and Patterns of Moringa Oleifera use Among HIV Positive Patients in Zimbabwe: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Hawaiian Moloa'a Moringa

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